A Young Lady Mrs. Amrita Dutta’s dreams

with her family at Bhubaneswar. She has a child of 3years and her husband is working at a private company on contractual basis. Amita got married at the age of 21. The young lady wanted to engage in a work and earn something of her own to give support to her family. In the last year she became a member of Basanti JLG at our BBSR branch. She took a loan of Rs. 20,000 from MSF as SBL (Small Business Loan) purpose. She invested some amount for purchasing a tailor machine & required things for stitching and with the rest amount she availed sanitation facility at her home and gave that house on rent. She is working at her home .She is getting Rs. 4,000 as house rent and is able to get Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3500 from her tailoring work.
She is very happy with her earnings .After looking after the household work now she has something to do to earn of her own. She is giving less time for her tailoring work and make a good return. Now she is earning for her, for her child’s future and very much satisfied with her life. She is saving 10% of her money for her child’s education. She dreamed to make a small stitching shop of her own.
She thanked Mahashakti for giving a hand holding support and gave a platform to live independently.

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