From Home Making to Owning an Ice Cream Factory

In the narrow alleys of Berhampur P. Manju Subudhi lived with her family. Her husband was the primary bread earner of the family. He used to sell vegetables on streets and the income was not sufficient to feed the entire family. Struggling to deal with the financial demand, the whole family decided to move to Balangir expecting a better life. Initially she and her husband started off with a tiffin stall in Balangir near station road. But cleaning the soiled dishes was not her kind of job.
Manju decided to start her own ice-cream factory. In the year 2017, Field Officer Mr. Jayakrishna Guibela of Samparna Business Correspondence Pvt. Ltd., went to her village for survey and there she decided to form a JLG group and applied a loan to start her very own business. On 15th November 2017, she applied for a loan amount of INR 30,000/- for a period of 18 months from Samparna Business Correspondence Pvt. Ltd.  She started her own ice-cream factory named Blue-Berry Ice creams. Gradually, she started earning some profits and kept few funds to expand her business. Now she is planning to apply for second phase loan amount of INR 42,000/-.

Sushrita Rath

Working as a Senior Manager in Knowledge Management dept.

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