Profiting On The Family Dairy Farm

Sakuntala Das (age 53) is a loyal member of Mahashakti Foundation from last three years. She is a member of Siridi Sai JLG at Bhubaneswar .After becoming a member of MSF she came to know on various business ideas as to develop their income and maintain a standard of living.

Mahashakti Foundation helped by giving loan in two phases. In first year she got a loan of Rs.14,000 and in the second year of Rs. 20,000. Previously they are engage in dairy business. With that loan amount they bought two more cows and provide sufficient milk ,curd & paneer. Everyday she sold a milk of nearly 55 to 60 ltr. at Rs.36 per ltr. Out of the sale amount they are earning Rs. 20,000 to Rs.25,000 per month.

She is more interested to take loan in the next days and bought more and more cows to grow their dairy business. Through MSF she is able to buy more and could earn a good return and could be planned for a better future.

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