Organic Cultivation By SHG Members

Client’s Name           : Binapani Majhi

Area Name              : Bijamal, M Rampur

SHG Name              : Maa Tarini SHG

Occupation              : Paddy & Vegetable cultivation

Vegetable production provides a promising economic opportunity for reducing rural poverty. and unemployment in developing countries and is a key component of farm diversification strategies. In rural India, women are the major contributors to agricultural and economic productivity. Most of the cultivation activities like, land preparation, nursery preparation, planting, watering and harvesting is done by the women. So they should know on how to shift from traditional subsistence agriculture to commercial agriculture so that they can earn better.

Binapani Majhi had a land of 2.4 acres, out of which, she used 0.5 acres for cultivation of single crop. She did not have much knowledge on crop planning and organic manure. There was no irrigation facilities nearby. The volume of cultivation was also very low because of lack of knowledge and facilities.

When Mahashakti Foundation intervened after doing proper village meeting and household survey, the Mahila Kisaan were  imparted with proper training and capacity building programmes on crop planning, organic way of vegetable cultivation, soil test, cooperative management & promotion training. After the training, the project staffs demonstrated on how to do organic cultivation instead of using fertilizers & pesticides. Cold Storage were constructed near the crop field.

There was a remarkable change in the volume of production of vegetables after the intervention of Mahashakti Foundation. Binapani extended her cultivation area and started cultivating more vegetables like radish, brinjal, cauliflower, paddy & bitter gourd & rounded gourd in her entire field of 2.4 acres. MSF helped her in market linkages, so that she can sell the vegetables and earn good for herself. The cost of production included the cost of seeds, land preparation, water and irrigation, tools, organic fertilizers, labour, transportation & market which is about INR 33475. And the income was INR 145250, which shows that Binapani has a net income of INR 108775. With proper knowledge on farming, irrigation facilities and market linkages, Binapani could cultivate more & earn more money for her family.

Sushrita Rath

Working as a Senior Manager in Knowledge Management dept.

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