Solar lanterns have helped Jambubati in running her business smoothly

Jambubati lives in a village of Khariar block of Nuapada district, Odisha, India. The village is at a distance of around 20 kilometers from the branch office of MSF, Milaap’s field partner and is easily accessible by the road. Jambubati had availed the solar energy loan from MSF almost 2 months back. The village has been witnessing daily power cuts of 2 hours especially in the evening. In such a scenario solar lanterns has been the best option considering the expenses associated with the kerosene lanterns and their harmful effects on health and environment. Jambubati has been using the solar lantern at her kirana store which she runs after finishing her household work. Her husband is a teacher in a nearby government school. Jambubati has also availed a business loan from the partner to scale her business up. She enquired about the various loans that Milaap has been providing and is hoping to get enterprise loan soon. She expressed gratitude to Milaap and the field partner for helping her in getting the solar lanterns and providing capital for her business.

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